What to do Before, During, and After a Power Outage?

Power Outage

There are few people in Colorado Springs who would admit to enjoying power outages. Even if they are planned or anticipated, the lack of power creates an inconvenience and in other cases, chaos. As the top electricians in Colorado Springs, we at One Source Home Service have compiled a guide that would help you prepare for future power outages. Read on to learn what you should do before, during, and after a power outage. 

How Can I Prepare for a Power Outage?

Regardless of where you live, you should always be prepared for a power outage. As seasoned electricians in Colorado Springs, we suggest you be prepared for such events ahead of time. This will ensure that your family is safe, comfortable, and calm in the midst of the uncertainty of power outages. Luckily, the following the things we suggest are things that you have to do only once to ensure the safety of your family. 

Build A Power Outage Kit

There’s nothing that will make you call an electrician in Colorado Springs faster than being unprepared for a power outage. We highly recommend you gather a kit of essential supplies to use during this time. The things you want readily available are the following:

  • First Aid Kit 
  • Bottled Water
  • Flashlights & Batteries
  • Non-perishable foods
  • Manual Can Opener
  • Special Needs Items
  • Battery-operated Radio

Having these items on hand will make a significant difference in the comfort and security you experience during a power outage. 

The Power Is Out – What Do I Do?

Say the power went out in your house. What do you do now? Do you call an emergency electrician in Colorado Springs? Though that may be tempting, we suggest you one of the following: 

  • Check local news or updates from the local power authorities to see if the power outage was planned. If it was planned, you’ll just have to wait it out. 
  • If you weren’t expecting this power outage, check the circuit breaker for blown fuses. In this case, you’ll need the assistance of an emergency electrician to get your power running again.
  • Check with your neighbors to see if they have power. This will help you determine if the issue is only in your house or if its a neighborhood-wide power outage. 
  • If there is a downed line around the house or neighborhood, call 911 as soon as possible. 

Most importantly, it is important to stay calm during a power outage. Avoid panicking and make use of your power outage kit. If you’re in doubt, it doesn’t hurt to call an electrician in Colorado Springs for help. 

What to do After a Power Outage

When the power comes back on, there are several steps you must take to ensure that you and your household members are safe. 

  • Make sure to throw away any spoiled food
  • Check your freezer – if things in there are thawed out, check for spoilage. In general, if the temperature in there is below 40°F, the food should still be fine. 
  • If you see downed lines, keep your kids and pets away from them.
  • When you have the chance, restock any items you used up in your Power Outage Kit to  be prepared for next time

When to Call an Electrician in Colorado Springs During a Power Outage

So when does a power outage warrant a call to an electrician? In a chaotic time of a power outage, you may be tempted to call everyone and their mother for help. However, you will never be judged for calling an electrician too early because there is no such thing. 

As the top emergency electricians in Colorado Springs, One Source Home Services takes extra measures to stay informed about the weather conditions and local ordinances that would impact your power supply. We will be happy to hear from you in your time of need. 

Contact One Source Home Service if:

  • The power outage is isolated only to your home 
  • If there are downed power lines
  • If you live in an older home that doesn’t have power surger protectors – an electrician should be on hand to help the power back on safely. 

Regardless of the situation, one of our emergency electricians will be able to help you navigate the power outage you’re experiencing. Give us a call at (719) 532-9000.

Common Problems with Air Handlers

The HVAC system is often complex, with many different parts that allow it to provide a comfortable atmosphere inside the home. Should any of those parts break down, the entire system will slow down in its efficiency and overall function. In this article, we will cover the importance of air handlers by exploring what they are and the common problems to expect from them. 

What Is An Air Handler?

The air handler is often referred to as the fan coil unit or the indoor unit of the HVAC system. It looks like a furnace; if you have a furnace in your home, the air handler will be a part of it. Those homeowners who do not have furnaces will typically find it directly within the AC unit, near the evaporator coil.

If you have a ductless split-system air conditioning unit, chances are that you also have an air handler. If you’re unsure, the heater repair near you can let you know if you have an air handler during the next HVAC maintenance inspection

Indoor air handlers are generally housed in large boxes that contain the following essential components: 

  • Evaporator coil 
  • Blower motor
  • Air filter
  • Electrical and electronic components

When to Call Heater Repair a Tech Near Me for Air Handler Problems

Air handlers are essential components of the home’s HVAC system as they assist in blowing the air throughout the home. Because of the components that they house within, they also develop issues that often cause homeowners to speed search “local heater repairs near me” on Google. 

Clogged Air Filters

Air filters play a significant role in the function of your HVAC system. If they are clogged, they will slow down the work of the air handler. When it blows air throughout the home, the air handler relies on clean air filters to pass the air through for cleaning before releasing it into the home. Clogged air filters will slow down proper airflow and will eventually make the air handler and the entire system wear out quicker. 

When was the last time you had your air filters changed? Heater repair techs of One Source recommend changing air filters every 2-3 months. 

Slow Fan Blades

Fan blades become a problem for those who have older air handlers. As they age, they become more prone to breakage or becoming loose. Loose or broken fan blades will produce an extremely awful noise that will make you search for that “heater repairs tech near me” all that faster. If the issue isn’t resolved promptly, the entire HVAC system will develop very expensive damages over time. 

We recently wrote about the reasons for loud noise in a furnace. Check them out and learn about the noises coming from your heating unit!

Clogged Evaporator Coils 

Evaporator coils help capture the heat in your home. After doing so, it sends the hot air through its system to cool it and push it back into the indoor air. With time, evaporator coils develop dirt and grime. They can also freeze, inhibiting the air handler’s ability to push out cool air into the room. 

To prevent this problem, it is essential to have the evaporator coils cleaned out routinely during a routine maintenance check performed by a heater repair technician in Colorado Springs. 

Blower Motor Failure

Blower motors are what keep the air flowing once the air handler starts producing it. If the blower motor breaks down, your HVAC system will decrease in efficiency, and your home temperatures will not improve. 

One of the biggest problems that blower motors develop is when they begin to burn. This issue isn’t just a problem of failure, it can cause a dangerous fire and structural damage to the home. If you ever smell burning from your unit, shut it off immediately and call a heater repair tech immediately.

Heater Repair Services Near Me

Are you in need of heating repair or maintenance services? One Source Home Service technicians are highly skilled experts serving Colorado Springs for decades. We are available 24/7 to provide prompt and quality service regardless of your heating challenge. Contact us today at (719) 624-0541.

What Causes an Electrical Surge?

emergency electrician

Electrical surges are the silent killers of many electronics and appliances. It’s rare to notice their devastation in action, but we will all notice their effects afterwards. What is an electrical surge and how does it happen? In this article, the season and highly trained emergency electricians of One Source Home Service will answer these questions. 

What is An Electrical Surge?

An electrical surge is a spike in voltage. This spike happens faster than a blink of the eye but is strong enough to cause great damage to electronics or appliances currently plugged into the affected outlet.

The consequences of such damage are very apparent. You will end up paying to have that electronic equipment repaired or replaced, and you’ll have to investigate the cause of the surge. 

As the leading electricians in Colorado Springs, we understand that electrical surges are caused by the following factors: 

Faulty Wiring 

If you have any faulty wiring around the house, you are at risk for an electrical surge. Faulty wiring will present itself as with frayed endings, damaged, or exposed wires. 

As these wires come in contact with water or other things, they will spark and send a surge through their wiring system. This can result in a burning smell or darkened outlets. 

If you notice these signs, it is best to call an emergency electrician to help make the necessary repairs. 

Electrical surges cause a lot of damage for every appliance. Read our blog to learn about its devastating effects on your air conditioning system. 

Lightning Storm

Sometimes you can have a perfectly engineered and maintained electrical system, but sometimes it can still be no match for a lightning storm. Lightning is an extra strong dose of electricity that can cause an electric surge anywhere it lands. 

If lightning hits your home, it can spike the electricity so high that anything plugged into the system can instantly be ruined. Because we cannot avoid lightning storms when they do come, it is best to ensure that your home is protected with whole home surge protectors. Contact your local electrician in Colorado Springs to learn more about these protectors. 

Circuit Overload

An electrical surge can also be caused by a circuit board overload. This is more common in big homes where the electricity isn’t correctly sized for the home’s needs. Also, if too many appliances are using the outlet, the overload can cause a power surge as well and lead to a power surge. 

Recently, we wrote an article about GFCI outlets and how they can prevent electrical shocks. Check it out on the blog. 

Power Outages

Sometimes a power outage can be the culprit behind a power surge. In fact, this might be the most common reason behind a surge. When the power goes out, all the appliances and everything that requires power will turn off at the same time. In the same way, when the power goes back up, everything that is plugged in will power back up together. 

When a lot of the electronics and appliances turn back on together, that spike can overwhelm the breaker and cause a surge. Obviously, it will lead to many of these electrical appliances to break down. For this reason, we recommend at least consulting an emergency electrician for advice on how to turn everything back on in a safe manner. 

A power outage is a great time to call a local electrician. Check out our blog for other reasons you might want to call an emergency electrician

Emergency Electricians in Colorado Springs

Do you think your home may have experienced an electrical surge? Stay calm and call One Source Home Service, your neighborhood expert on all things electrical. One Source Home Service is available 24/7 to assist you in your electrical needs. 

Our electricians will be able to determine if the electrical surge happens, and provide the necessary repairs to promote a safe home for you. Don’t hesitate to call us today at (719) 532-9000.

Understanding GFCI Outlets

The electrical system in each home is complex, with various components that carry out the job of providing the required electricity. Among these components are the GFCI outlets that are installed around the house. 

As the top electricians in Colorado Springs, the team at One Source Home Service has installed and repaired countless outlets. In this article, we will dive into the world of GFCI outlets. We will define what they are and identify some of the most common repairs that require the assistance of an emergency electrician.

What are GFCI Outlets?

GFCI stands for ground fault circuit interrupter. Their primary role is to reduce electric shocks resulting from electrocutions. They do this by interrupting a ground fault, an unexpected electrical path coming from a power source that collides with a surface. 

You can easily recognize the GFCI outlets around your home by spotting the red and black reset buttons between the outlets on the wall. These outlets are inexpensive but highly effective at protecting the home and its residents from the hazardous effects of electrocution, which include burns and shock. 

Where Should GFCI Outlets be in the House?

According to the National Electric Code (NEC), GFCI outlets are required to be installed in all areas where there is water, like bathrooms, kitchens, and laundry rooms.  This is because electricity and water do not mix well together. These GFCI outlets are installed in these areas to reduce the electrical shocks that are bound to happen when electricity and moisture levels mix together. 

GFCI outlets are also required to be installed along the exterior of the home, in garages, crawl spaces, and wet bar sinks. When in doubt, contact one of your local electricians in Colorado Springs, who will be able to help you determine the correct placement of these outlets. 

What Shouldn’t be Plugged Into GFCI Outlets?

We strongly discourage you from plugging in large appliances such as refrigerators, microwaves, treadmills, and space heaters into these types of outlets. These appliances are large in size and will trigger the outlets to trip. 

We also caution you against plugging a desktop into a GFCI outlet. If the outlet trips, it will cause a hard shutdown of your computer. This will possibly damage the desktop and cause it to lose some of its memory storage. Check with your local electrician in Colorado Springs for detailed recommendations on how to use your GFCI outlets. 

When to Call an Emergency Electrician About GFCI Outlets? 

There are certain situations in which a GFCI outlet requires attention from an electrician. Below is a brief breakdown of such instances. 

Water Damaged Outlets 

Though GFCI outlets are designed to protect you and your home when the electricity comes into contact with water, they shouldn’t be used after being totally submerged under flooding waters. If, for some reason, your GFCI outlets were exposed to excessive amounts of water, contact an emergency electrician for assistance before using it. 

Sparking Outlets 

If you should ever see sparks coming out of a GFCI outlet, you must have an electrician investigate the cause. Such sparks can be caused by short circuits, water exposure, inadequate repairs, or age. The bottom line is, do not neglect to have your sparking outlets checked out by a certified professional who can repair the problem. 

Burning GFCI Outlets

Although GFCI outlets are intended to protect you from electrocution and burning, these problems will sometimes occur. Most of the time, this will happen if the outlet itself is faulty, low quality, or installed incorrectly. Here are some common reasons for a burned-out GFCI outlet: 

  • An overloaded outlet will lead to an overheated and burned outlet. 
  • When a GFCI outlet that is intended for indoors is used outside
  • Arcing between the outlet and an appliance
  • Loose wiring 

If you notice any of these issues, contact an emergency electrician in Colorado Springs as soon as possible. 

Tripping GFCI Outlets 

When a GFCI outlet trips, the whole outlet will shut down as a form of protection against electrocution and shock. This event normally occurs when there is faulty wiring or when there is a downed circuit outlet. If you aren’t able to reset the outlet yourself, you will need the help of an electrician in your area. 

Top Electricians in Colorado Springs

Are you having trouble with GFCI outlets in your home? The electricians at One Source Home Service are some of the top-rated professionals who will be able to assist you with the needed repairs. Contact us today by calling (719) 427-6642.

Fun Plumbing Facts

Not every person will find plumbing to be a fun topic of discussion, but because it has changed how the world operates, its existence can be truly fascinating. The plumbers at One Source Home Service are highly experienced and passionate about what they do to serve the residents in Colorado Springs. In this article, they share their knowledge of some of the most fun facts about plumbing. 

1. Plumbing Was First Invented in Ancient Greece

Though plumbing seems like a relatively modern convenience, it actually dates back to ancient Greece! Thanks to the ancient Greek plumbers who invented the first system of pipes, sewage disposal, and drainage, we live comfortably in our homes today. 

Speaking of drainage, have you had your drains cleaned recently? If not, search for a “24-hr plumber near me” on Google, or learn about the drain cleaning services provided by One Source Home Service. 

2. Your Toilet Seat is Cleaner Than Your Dishcloth

We’ve all thought about this question. After all, the toilet does get a lot of human waste flowing through it. But is it really all that dirty? Apparently, your toilet seat is much cleaner than the sponges or dishcloths used for washing dishes. Toilets harbor about 50 bacteria per square inch, whereas dishcloths contain 456 times more bacteria than toilets. 

What’s the takeaway here? Though toilets must be cleaned regularly, don’t overestimate the germ factor! And maybe, replace that dishcloth or sponge in the kitchen. 

3. The Average American Spends 240 Days On the Toilet

While we’re on the topic of toilets, did you know that the average American spends 240 days sitting on them? This number is higher for men and lower for women. 

Since toilets get so much wear and tear, they develop issues requiring little love and a little plumbing repair. Check out the plumbing services on our page to know when to call a 24-hr plumber near you. 

4. The First City In America to Use Plumbing is…..

Philadelphia! Not only does Philadelphia hold a lot of history about the foundation of our wonderful nation, but it is also the historical landmark for the modern-day plumbing that we experience in our homes. Since 1804, the American plumbing system has been advanced and engineered to provide a seamless, safe, and comfortable living atmosphere. 

These advancements have since made it to Colorado Springs, where the 24-hr plumbing technicians from One Source continue to bring comprehensive plumbing solutions to its many residents. The innovative technology will provide you with the highest quality repairs and installations of the century. 

5. Before Toilet Paper, They Used…

It is safe to assume that we will forever remember 2020 as the year of COVID-19, social distancing, and a toilet paper shortage. Remembering the shortage of paper goods begs the question: “what did they do before toilet paper existed?”. 

Our studies of all things plumbing found all sorts of substitutes for toilet paper throughout history. Some people used moss, seashells, rocks, and animal furs. In the 18th century, corn cobs were a popular tool. All these options seem rather uncomfortable and make us appreciate toilet paper even more. Plus, as plumbers, we can only imagine the disastrous effects corn cobs or seashells would have on the plumbing system if they were ever flushed. No doubt, those pipes would be clogged in no time. 

Speaking of clogs, did you know that they are the number one reason for burst pipes? Learn more about the common plumbing repairs that would require the assistance of 24-hr plumbing technicians near you. 

6. Faucet Leaks Waster More Than 3,000 Gallons of Water Per Year

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, water leaks of any kind inside the home lead to thousands of gallons of water being wasted annually. Faucet leaks are the most common leaks and if your home has this issue, save some water by searching for a “24-hr plumber near me”. 

24-Hr Plumbing Near Me

Are you in need of plumbing services for your home? You can count on the plumbing repair technicians at One Source Home Service to provide you with the highest quality of services day or night, rain or shine. Give us a call today at (719) 624-0541.

When to Call an Emergency Electrician

We must admit that essential systems in our homes, like electricity, are easy to take for granted until they are no longer serving our needs. However, we all benefit from the very modern convenience which allows us to live safe, hygienic, and comfortable lives. 

The One Source Home Service electricians in Colorado Springs have decades of experience and have seen almost everything that can go wrong with electricity. Everyone should be aware of these needed repairs to be prepared for such potential issues in their homes. 

When Should I Call an Emergency Electrician?

So what are the most common issues that are considered an electrical emergency? This question is fundamental and should be answered for every new or even seasoned homeowner. One can never be too prepared for electrical disasters; therefore, we present the following scenarios that warrant a call to an emergency electrician in Colorado Springs.

Circuit Breaker Issues

Sometimes the circuit breaker becomes overloaded and begins to trip. This is most common when there is a local power surge that went through recently. Unfortunately, circuit breakers can cause significant damage if their issues are not addressed immediately. We do not recommend putting this repair off too long, as you may sustain substantial damage to your electrical system and some of the key, big-ticket appliances. If this is an issue in your home, call an emergency electrician as soon as possible for help. 

What happens to your AC during a power surge? Check out our blog to find out for yourself. 

Hot Power Outlets

Another reason to call an emergency electrician is when you feel that the power outlets or cords are hot or warm. if you feel a burning sensation on your power, outlets, or cords, we employ you not to ignore it but call an electrician to help you out. The reason being is that it is often the sign of a pending electrical fire in your home. Most of the time, these electrical fires expand quickly and can affect more than just your electricity. It can affect the entire state of your home.

Flickering Lights

Flickering lights are not just a nuisance. They are also a symptom of a more significant problem that can be explained by an overloaded circuit board, faulty wiring, or other dangerous electrical challenges. As a result, it is essential to call the emergency electricians in your area to resolve the problem before a more significant issue is at hand.

Water Damage

Did your home recently survive a flood? Or did your outlets or other electrical components get exposed to too much water? If that is the case, you will need the assistance of an emergency electrician to ensure that you can use those electrical components safely in your home without the proper repairs or inspections; you run the risk of being electrocuted in your home. Electrocution is very preventable in many cases. And it is most commonly a problem for those who don’t take the proper precautions. 

Electrocution is very avoidable in many cases. And it is most commonly a problem for those who don’t take the proper precautions when using water near their electrical system. after exposing their electrical system to water. 

Burning Smells or Smoke

What are the most immediate problems that must be addressed is when you smell burning smells or smoke coming from your outlets or other parts of the electrical system. This burning may be caused by poor wiring or other electrical misalignments. Regardless of the issue, it is vital to shut down the entire electrical unit and the circuit breaker and contact an emergency electrician. Doing so may help avoid the headaches that come with a fire. 

Please note that most buyers of significant sizes are caused by poor electricity and maintenance. Therefore, we urge you to keep up with a healthy maintenance inspection schedule for your electrical system.

Top Electricians in Colorado Springs

Clearly, there are many problems that can necessitate a visit from an electrician. One Source Home Service operates 24/7 and provides the top-rated electricians in Colorado Springs for your electrical repairs. Contact us today to schedule your visit by calling (719) 427-6642.


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