5 Tips For A Spooky Yet Safe Halloween

a home at halloween time

Who else wants to save some money this month while also enjoying a spooky, fun Halloween? We want it all—the fun and light-hearted “scare” of a Halloween… but also a safe Halloween… and we don’t want to spend too much on electricity.

So, you’ll love these tips…


The kind of lights we use could be burning more power than we want. If you have older lights and displays, the bulbs are likely consuming more energy than modern ones. Consider upgrading your lighting to LEDs, which use about 90% less energy to power than older incandescent bulbs. 

As well, you could also keep your indoor lights turned off while having your outdoor lights on to signal to potential trick or treaters that you are open for business. The energy saving may be low, but it’s better than nothing!

Turn It Off

Don’t leave your Halloween lights or blow-ups on through the night. You aren’t able to watch them or check them for safety concerns in the night. As well, the costs will climb as you keep them on for times when no one will see them. If you like keeping them on into the night, or if you like falling asleep to the peaceful glow of your outdoor display (along with the spooky laughter from your graveyard scene!) take the time to invest in a timer. There are many timers on the market which allow you to set when you want your lights to come on, and when you want them to turn off.


Before putting up your lights and other decorations, make sure you inspect each strand of lights and each power cord for any damage, fraying, or tears. As well, make sure you are using outdoor extension cords for your outdoor lights as indoor cords are not certified to handle the kind of weather and wear that comes from being outside.

Watch where you put your cords and wires, as well. Be careful not to have them running across your driveway, walkway, sidewalk, or stairs. Kids with masks and limited vision because of those masks will not always see the tripping hazards in front of them.

Flammable Supplies

Some people use a lot of flammable materials when it comes to their Halloween decorations. From hay bales and cotton sheets to wooden displays and candles, there are many dangerous combinations to guard against. If you are using highly flammable materials, consider keeping your wires and outlets far away from them, and don’t risk having real candles in your pumpkins but rather have battery-powered ones instead. Electric candles will still give the same atmospheric glow without the risk and heat.

Don’t Go Overboard

Sometimes employing minimalism is the best thing we can do for our decorating. Having a few lights, a jack-o-lantern or two, a skeleton, or a few other creative ideas can add a nice touch to our yard to help create an excellent experience for the kids of our neighbors and friends. A large number of lights or electrically powered devices can overload our fuses and cause potentially dangerous shorts in our house. If you insist on having a large number of powered decorations, be aware of your electrical capacity and don’t plug too many lights into too few outlets.


If you’re decorating for Halloween this month then use these quick tips to help you enjoy a fun and safe and money-saving Halloween!

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