How To Maintain Good Air Quality

Air quality is determined by various factors inside and outside your home. Whether you have a growing family, a new home, or individuals with compromised immune systems, air quality is essential to maintain. 

Because air quality significantly impacts the health of everyone in your home, it is crucial to take some necessary steps to maintain it. Read more to check out some steps to help you maintain a healthy environment. 

Clean Your House

Maintaining a clean home is one of the first steps to ensuring the air you breathe is safe and clean. Wipe up the dust from shelves, bookcases, and hidden areas like picture frames and baseboards. Clear the corners of your home of cobwebs and wash your floors regularly. If your home is carpeted, you must vacuum regularly to pick up any dust that accumulates in the carpets and rugs. 

Along the same lines of maintaining a clean home, you must also ensure that the ducts that carry air throughout the house are clean. Check out our Duct Cleaning Services to learn more about this critical step. 

Do Not Smoke Inside

Cigarette smoke travels into the vents, gets absorbed into the ducts, and circulates throughout the house. It will significantly decrease the air quality within your home and adversely affect the health of everyone inside. Young children and adults with weak immune systems and respiratory challenges are especially vulnerable to cigarette smoke. Therefore, do your best to smoke outside and away from others. 

Open Doors And Windows

As you make your way around the house, dusting, vacuuming, and moping, make sure to open the doors and windows. Doing so will allow the fresh air to come in and absorb any moisture and odor in the home. Natural oxygen found outside will also increase the air quality inside your home and help you breathe more easily. This also provides a great source of ventilation and will provide an element of freshness to your home. 

Change Your Air Filters

Air filters are prone to accumulating dust and debris. If it is an especially hot summer, check your filters at least once a month to ensure your air is clean and safe. 

Neglecting air filters will not only compromise your air quality but can also lead to broken air conditioning units. Changing an air filter is a small and easy step but will significantly impact your AC and health. 

Speaking of air conditioning units, have you had your AC checked recently? Click here to learn more and to check out all our air conditioning repair services. 

Buy An Air Purifier

Another great way to enhance the air quality in your home is to buy an air purifier. Air purifiers are designed to remove bacteria, dust, and harmful chemicals from the air. They will help increase your air quality and prevent allergies, asthma, and other respiratory problems. Since the COVID-19 pandemic, air purifiers have become increasingly popular as they have purified the air of germs and promoted a healthy breathing environment for all. 

Schedule An Air Quality Test Today!

Have you had your home’s air quality tested recently? Most people do not put this task at the top of their priority list, but it is clearly an essential thing to do. To ensure the health and safety of all your loved ones, contact us today to schedule an air quality test for your home. Our expert technicians will be able to provide you with a test and recommendations to safeguard your home. 

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