Circuit Breakers

The electrical system at home is complex and can be a bit hazardous if it weren’t for safety devices, such as the circuit breaker. Circuit breakers protect electrical circuits and help us live comfortably and safely at home. 

When your circuit breaker requires services, you cannot afford to settle for anyone less than the best to get the job done right the first time. The electricians at One Source Home Service provide the best installation and repair services for all things electric, including circuit breakers. 


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What is a Circuit Breaker?

An electrical circuit breaker is a protection device designed to prevent overloads or short circuits. Most homes and businesses require them to be installed as part of their electrical systems. The protection they provide helps prevent electrical fires, shocks, and electrocution. 

How Does a Circuit Breaker Work?

Sometimes the flow of electricity becomes too high, either because of an overload or a short circuit. When this happens, the circuit breakers interrupts the flow of current to prevent that high current from flowing the electrical currents. This interruption is provided by a switch that opens and stops the flow of electricity. 

This interruption is extremely vital as it prevents the circuit from overheating and causing fires or damage to plugged in devices and equipment. Once the interruption happens, the circuit breaker will need to be reset to resume the electricity flow. 

Circuit Breaker Repairs

When circuit breakers begin to show signs of tear and disrepair, most electricians will simply recommend a replacement. There’s a variety of reasons for replacement but it is mostly explained by the complexity and safety concerns involved with such repairs. Therefore, when you begin to notice the signs of repair in your circuit breaker, you may be looking at an entirely new breaker overall. 

Signs that Your Circuit Breaker Needs Services

Most circuit breakers are built to last. However, there are some circumstances where you may need to have your circuit breaker checked. The signs that your circuit breaker may need repairs are as follows: 

These issues are most common in a circuit breaker that is at the end of its lifespan and that requires replacement anyways. 

Why It Is Essential to Hire an Electrician for Circuit Breaker Services

Circuit breakers are a very high piece of technology that requires specialized training to be handled properly. Fixing your circuit breaker should never fall into the list of your DIY projects because: 

Expertise & Safety

Circuit breakers involve working with live electrical wires and components, which can be extremely dangerous and potentially fatal if not handled correctly. The electricians at One Source are trained to work safely with electricity and know how to prevent terrible accidents like electrocution. 

Code Compliance

For the most part, electrical work must comply with local building codes and safety standards. Electricians are trained on these regulations and can ensure that your electrical system is within these standards. Also, most state and local regulations prohibit electrical work to be done by an uncertified individual. 


When you hire an electrician from One Source Home Service, you can rest assured knowing that your electrical circuit board will be replaced properly. The service will performed with the highest level of competence and the best available tools to ensure a quality repair. 

Types of Circuit Breakers

There are several different types of circuit breakers which include the following: 

The most common circuit breaker found in most residential and commercial settings is the miniature circuit breaker (MCB). It is used to protect against overcurrent and short circuit faults. These devices are compact and easy to install, and are available in a range of current ratings. 

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