SEER2: Your Questions Answered

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At One Source Home Service, we know one thing: technology is always changing, especially the technology of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. And with those changes come changes in the various government regulations surrounding the operation and installation of HVAC systems. 

As Colorado Springs’ leading experts in all things HVAC, we do our best to stay on top of these regulations in order to deliver the highest quality services while staying within those regulations. In this article, we will cover one of the newest, upcoming changes: SEER2

FAQs About SEER2

We have been watching all the recent developments in SEER2, which is an update on SEER. Below we answer the most common questions that our customers will have about these important changes. If you have more pressing questions at any point, feel free to contact your local HVAC technician or One Source directly. 

What is SEER2? 

This acronym stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio 2. During the cooling season, this ratio measures how much heat an air conditioner removes from any air-conditioned space. The implementation of this ratio requires a special form of testing (M1) that ensures that the SEER2 ratio on your AC equipment is as low as possible. 

What Do These Changes Mean for Me?

It’s really hard to stay engaged in a conversation about these changes if you don’t know what they mean for the average AC user. Basically, the lower the SEER2 is, the better the efficiency of your HVAC system. This means that if you buy an HVAC unit with the implemented ratio, it will last you longer, and its energy expenditure will keep your energy bills at bay. However, this also means that the prices of HVAC units will increase due to the improved efficiency rates. 

How Does SEER2 Impact HVAC Prices?

As we already briefly mentioned, SEER2 will contribute to an increase in HVAC unit pricing. The additional testing explains this increase that the unit has to go through in order for it to qualify for installation. However, it does provide enhanced cooling at a better efficiency rate while also maintaining exceptional indoor air quality. Basically, the lower the SEER2, the more you will pay for your new unit. These changes will all go into effect starting January 1, 2023. 


Up until this point, SEER has been a standard that HVAC units had to ensure that it is at an optimal efficiency rate. However, with the implementation of SEER2, this ratio is more than just a standard; it becomes a mandatory requirement that also employs the use of M1 testing. This new standard makes the rating much lower than SEER, at about 4.7% lower than what it used to be. 

Though this change does result in high HVAC unit pricing, it is important to remember that those increased prices will only impact the initial purchase and installation costs. Over the long haul, this improvement will save you money through the decrease in your monthly energy bills and increased longevity of your unit. 

How Does SEER2 Impact My Region? 

This new standard will impact Colorado Springs, the entire state, and all the current cooling systems offered on the market. Whether the unit you purchase complies with this new policy depends on the date it was manufactured. Colorado’s residents use various air conditioning options, including heat pumps, condensing units, single packaged units, and evaporator coils. 

Each cooling system will have its own required ratio. Regardless of the cooling product you purchase, if its manufacturing date was prior to January 1, 2023, it will most likely not be built with this new upgrade. As a result, their initial cost will be lower. However, it is important to consider the full ramifications of choosing a unit with a lower SEER2 or an older SEER rating. This will impact not just your wallet but the value of your home as well.  

Contact One Source for All SEER2 Questions

SEER2 isn’t all that simple to navigate but with the right HVAC expert, all your questions will be answered. If you’re in the market for a new HVAC unit and have questions regarding these changes, contact One Source Home Services for assistance today at (719) 532-9000.

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