A Simple Guide for Flushing a Water Heater

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Flushing the water heater is an essential maintenance step that keeps the water in the home clean and the unit operational for many years. Many water heater repairs start with this process, as sediment buildup is a big culprit to many issues. Because of how important this process is, we dedicated an entire blog to discussing the reasons for flushing a water heater and providing a simple guide for doing so. 

Reasons to Flush Your Water Heater

So what reasons or indications are there for flushing a water heater? Below are the top reasons why flushing is recommended by water heater repair techs in Colorado Springs

Sediment Removal

As the water heater works to warm the water throughout the house, it accumulates mineral deposits. These mineral deposits harm the efficiency and performance of the water tank. Clearing the sediment prevents clogs and early wear of the unit. 

Extended Lifespan

To remove the accumulated sediment is to extend the lifespan of the unit, allowing you to get the most out of its service in your home. These units are expensive, and flushing the tank will prevent you from spending money on an early replacement. 

Improved Energy Efficiency

Sediment settles around the heating element and acts as an insulator, causing the tank to heat up faster than necessary. As a result, you may experience inconsistent or exceedingly hot water temperatures. Flushing out the sediment promotes the water heater’s proper performance and prevents repair issues and even possible explosions. 

Enhanced Water Quality

Sediment accumulation in the tank can contribute to poor water quality. It causes various unfavorable effects, such as foul odors, unpleasant tastes, or discoloration in the hot water. Flushing the water heater helps remove these contaminants, resulting in cleaner, fresher-smelling, and better-tasting hot water. This is essential for safety and hygienic purposes. 

Preventative Maintenance

Based on all the reasons we discussed for flushing a water tank, we can easily conclude that flushing the hot water heater is a form of preventive maintenance. It allows you to proactively address potential water heater issues before they become more significant problems. Regular flushing helps keep the system in good working condition, reducing the risk of sudden breakdowns or emergency repairs.

How To Flush Your Water Heater

Now that you know some of the important reasons for flushing your water heater, we will provide you with instructions for doing so. This is a simple process that is so easy that most people will not require a plumber for it. However, if you need more clarification after reading these guidelines, feel free to contact a water heater repair service in Colorado Springs. 

1. Turn off the water and power supply

First, turn off the water and power supply to the tank. You can do this by turning off the water supply knobs behind the water tank and shutting off the power to the unit. Alternatively, you can also turn off the water and power supply to the entire house at the main breaker and water meter. 

2. Attach a garden hose to drain valve

Now that the water and power supply are off, attach a garden hose to the drain valve located at the bottom of the tank. Then, place the other end of the hose outside or in a nearby drain. 

3. Open the drain valve

Turn on the drain and let the water flow out of the tank until it is completely empty. You may need to scoop out any remaining sediment from the bottom of the tank or mop it out with towels. 

4. Close the drain valve & detach the hose

Once the water has drained out or begins to run clear, you will know that the sediment has flushed out. Close the drain valve and detach the hose. Be sure to allow any remaining water to flow out of the hose so that it doesn’t spill on your or your belongings. 

5. Restore power and water supply

Now you are ready to restore the power and water supply to the water tank. Allow it to refill with clean water and reheat again. The water usually takes 30 minutes to an hour to reach the appropriate temperatures for bathing. 

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