Which Water Heater Is Right For Your Home?

Purchasing a new water heater for your home is a significant decision that will carry implications for decades. The heating, cooling, and air industry currently offers two types of heaters for homeowners to choose from, gas or electric. 

Both types of heaters carry characteristics you must be aware of at the time of purchase. These characteristics will be outlined below in a set of questions to help guide you as you make this critical decision. 

Is My House Powered By A Natural Gas Or An Electric Source?

The first piece of information you need to invest in a boiler right for your home is if your home is powered by gas or electricity. 

Due to differences in energy use, electric and gas-powered homes are wired differently. This is the main factor that will significantly determine your purchase. 

What Capacity Do I Need?

Water heaters provide 40-55 gallons of hot water. The size of your water heater will depend on the size of your home, the number of people living with you, and how much water is used on an average day. Energy Saver provides an excellent resource that will help you calculate the size of your new water heater.  In general, the larger your family, the larger the boiler should be. 

Ideally, your water heater should be able to accommodate multiple needs at once. For example, it should be able to provide enough hot water for a shower, shave, and dishwashing at once. However, bigger water heaters usually result in higher water and energy bills because of their more extensive accommodation. 

Gas water heaters usually are cheaper to use than tankless, electric ones. Despite the higher initial cost, your household expenses will not suffer as much as with electric water heaters. 

What Is The Difference Between On-Demand and Storage Tanks?

An on-demand storage tank is usually an electric device that heats enough hot water required for use. It does not store water and usually takes longer to heat it. This option is excellent for smaller households where water isn’t needed for multiple needs at once. 

Storage tanks are big water reservoirs kept in the corner of a garage, laundry room, or designated area in the house. They can store up to 55 gallons of hot water, accommodating multiple needs at once. For example, the dishwasher and shower can run simultaneously without interfering with each other. This option is generally recommended for larger households with multiple bathrooms with showers and water sources. 

A third alternative is to explore the option of a hybrid water heater. This heater uses a heat pump that absorbs the outside heat and uses it to heat the water. It is an excellent, cost-saving option for those who live in warmer climates. 

How Much Room Do I Have For A Boiler?

Water heaters come in various sizes. Tank water heaters are very large and will require a lot of room for storage. Tankless, electric boilers are smaller and are usually mounted on a wall. They are easier to hide and don’t require much space. 

Those living in a large, suburban-style home or condo with a garage, basement, or a dedicated closet can accommodate a storage-tank water heater. Residents of homes with limited square footage will require smaller tanks to fit into their space. 

Choosing the Right Water Heater

Clearly, the decision to purchase the right water heater for your home involves a lot of factors. However, you don’t have to make this decision on your own. One Source Home Service provides the best boiler repair and tankless water heater installation services in Colorado Springs. We are equipped with decades of experience and training to answer your questions and help meet your needs. Visit our website and contact us today to schedule your consultation on water heater replacement services.  

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