Do I Need a Water Leak Repair?

Sometimes, homeowners aren’t fully aware they have a water leak and delay calling for water leak repair. This is a serious situation; just because a leak is out of sight, doesn’t mean it won’t do a lot of damage quickly. Plumbing leaks are more common than most people think. Here are some signs that water leak repair is needed in your home.

The Water Bill Is Suddenly Higher

Many people write this off as a normal price increase. But if your daily water usage remains unchanged, utility rates aren’t likely to vary that much. A significant jump means there might be a leak. Even between bills, you can use your water meter to track water usage over time. If it’s running higher yet you’re not using more water, call a plumber to check things out.

A Sudden or Gradual Drop in Water Pressure

Low water pressure can mean there’s a faulty valve or sediment building up in pipes. It can also mean you need water leak repair. The drop in pressure is due to less water being able to run through the pipes. That’s why low water pressure, when no other fixtures are in use, tends to point to a plumbing leak or blockage. Such is also the case if a pressure regulator doesn’t boost the flow.

Mold and Mildew Appear and Spread

If there’s a persistent leak or condensation on uninsulated pipes, mold and mildew will thrive. Mold will release musty odors and can worsen allergies and asthma, cause respiratory ailments, and lead to long-term health issues. Waiting, in addition to leak repair, will lead to the need for mold remediation and repair of drywall, furnishings, and wood.

Water Stains and Sagging Ceilings

The ceiling should not change color. If an area becomes discolored or develops a dark spot, water is leaking, whether from the roof or upstairs bathroom. A ceiling that’s discolored and sagging is in danger of collapse. Once you see these signs of a leak, it has been occurring for a while. Therefore, call a plumber as soon as you notice any changes.

Damage to Paint or Wallpaper

Paint or wallpaper, when properly applied, should remain adhered to the surface. If anything starts to peel and blister, it’s a sign of a persistent leak. It’s likely drywall and wood beneath the surface have absorbed plenty of moisture as well. In addition to the wallpaper or paint layer, you’ll probably have to replace damaged structural materials.

The Floor Is Damaged

A toilet or pipe leak can cause the bathroom floor to stain, warp, or become soft. Cracking tiles and loose caulking may indicate a hidden leak in the kitchen. If you have carpeting in the basement, be aware of moist areas or musty odors that can signify a sub-floor leak.

Rusted or Corroded Pipes

Older galvanized steel pipes rust and corrode, which can cause a leak. If you have older pipes, periodically check them for signs of staining, discoloration, or flaking. Visible rust means the pipe is corroding and may start leaking. Deteriorating pipes should be replaced soon to avoid complete failures and major leaks.

Plumbing Inside Walls Is Making Noise

When your plumbing fixtures are turned off, you shouldn’t hear running water. If so, there may be a broken pipe inside a wall. Vibration and rattling can mean a pipe fitting or mount is loose, while gurgling or hissing noises can mean water is already doing damage. Noises can precede other signs you need water leak repair, such as stains, peeling paint, or a sagging ceiling. 

The Foundation Starts to Crack

A broken pipe or water leak under a concrete foundation is hard to find. But concrete absorbs water, and the pressure can cause the foundation to crack. And water mains won’t stop leaking as they have a constant source of water; that is until a plumber provides water leak repair. You’ll need your foundation fixed as well.

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