Are you looking for a boiler expert to perform boiler repairs in Colorado Springs? Since boilers are not as popular as a form of heating, it can be hard to find the expertise you need when you need it.

However, at One Source Home Service, we offer comprehensive boiler services in Colorado Springs. No matter what you need, call us and say, “Fix my boiler!” We’ll get to you fast, find out why your boiler is not working, and complete your boiler repairs as soon as possible. Don’t wait, because you’ll only get colder at home.


The process begins when you give us a call and speak to one of our world class problem solvers who are available 24/7/365.


Sometimes, it’s clear that you need boiler system repair in Colorado Springs ASAP. Other times boiler issues in need of repair may not be so evident. If you’re not sure there might be a problem with your boiler system, it’s always better to call for boiler service than to let it wait and wish you had!

At the first sign that your boiler is not working, call us and we’ll come fix it fast. Our boiler experts may even be able to repair your boiler before it breaks entirely, so you’ll never have to get too cold at home! Call us and say, “Fix my boiler!” if you notice the following problems:

Your Boiler System is Leaking

This is a huge sign that something is wrong! We’ll get to you quickly and do our best to keep your boiler from flooding your home! Check for leaks regularly so you can get a boiler repair before there’s a big problem.

Your Boiler Tank Isn’t Heating Well

If you’re too cold at home no matter what you do, call us for a boiler repair. We’ll come out, find the problem, and get your home warm again soon!

Your Hot Water Heater Makes Strange Sounds

 If you hear hissing, clanging, banging, or anything else when you try to run your boiler, it’s time to get some help! We’ll find out why it’s so loud and get it back to full functionality fast!

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Types of Residential Boiler Repairs We Perform

At One Source, we offer a full range of boiler repair services to ensure that our customers benefit from comprehensive and quality repairs.

  • Boiler leak repair
  • Faulty thermostat issues
  • Gas leaks (for gas-powered boilers)
  • Adjustment or repair of electrical connections, when needed
  • Low pressure within the hot water boilers
  • Pilot light problems (more common in an older boiler)

No issue is too great for our technicians who will go the extra mile to repair your broken water heater.


One Source Home Service is a team of the best technicians who mastered the art and science of residential boiler repair. Here are some of the winning qualities that make us one of the best boiler repair companies in the region:

  • Our boiler repair technicians have years of experience working on boilers so there’s no problem they can’t fix for you.
  • Satisfaction guarantees services at a fair boiler repair cost to you
  • Punctual, efficient, and lasting quality repairs to ensure a safe and comfortable home environment.
  • Full boiler inspection before and after the repair to ensure quality service.

Clearly, with One Source Home Service, all your hot water needs and water heating system issues will be in the hands of expert professionals. Do not hesitate to call us today and experience this first-class service!


Call us today to schedule your boiler repair in Colorado Springs. We’ll be there soon and work quickly so you can get back to focusing on the things that are more important to you! Rely on us whenever you need boiler help.

FAQ: Boiler Repair Services

The average boiler repair cost is about $150 to $700 depending on the repair issue and the condition of the existing unit. If the technician needs to replace parts, the cost will go up.

The best repair service to turn to for your boiler issues is a local home services repair or a plumber. Most commonly, it is a plumber who will be able to repair or replace your boiler unit.

Whether you need to repair or replace your hot water boiler depends on its age and overall condition. If you find yourself having to pay for frequent repairs and you’re watching your heating bills go up, it may be time for a water heater replacement. We recommend having a boiler repair technician perform a thorough inspection of your existing unit. This inspection will allow them to determine if it is worth replacing or simply repairing your boiler tank.

The life expectancy of a hot water boiler depends on the type of heating system you have:

  • Tankless water heater: 15 to 20 years or more with proper maintenance
  • Gas or electric hot water tank: 8 to 12 years with regular maintenance
  • Heat pump water heaters: 10 to 15 years with proper maintenance

Yes. Broken boilers are considered an emergency because they do not perform the essential heating water required for sanitary and health purposes. You will quickly find yourself inconvenienced when you can’t take a hot shower or wash your dishes.

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Boiler Installation Services
Boiler Maintenance Services


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Our representative was Justin and you couldn’t ask for a more personable, knowledgeable, friendly person to deal with. I had spoken to several other dealers and it was not a hard choice to contract with them to do the job.

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They did a great job. Very professional. They were very clean with the worksite and did everything to please

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I would use them again in a heart beat!

Very professional and honest. The responded quickly and provided a competitive bid. Once selected they completed the job on time. I would use them again in a heart-beat!!!

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We Value Your Home

Our Colorado Springs service experts will always use shoe covers and floor-protecting tarps to protect your home. It’s our highest priority to leave your home in tidy condition.

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Before our HVAC or plumbing service team arrives at the appointed time, we will give you a call so you don’t have to waste your valuable time waiting or worrying. We are one of the most reliable companies in the industry for home repairs, installations, and maintenance services.

We Value Your Satisfaction

We Value Your Satisfaction

We agree to accept responsibility for your complete customer satisfaction with the materials we use and the workmanship and commercial services we provide. No matter the hour of the day or the weather in Colorado Springs, you will find a job well done in your home.

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