5 Signs of a Sewage Leak

Not all plumbing problems are easy to spot in your home. These issues can be hidden well, and without careful attention, they will develop into very large problems. Sewage leaks are among the plumbing issues that can often be hard to spot, and as a result, the needed repairs will be delayed. Below we discuss the five top signs of possible sewage leaks. Read on to see if this is a possible problem in your home. 

Poor Odors

The first giveaway of a sewage leak is a poor odor in and around the home. The sewer smell is unmistakable and is commonly caused by a leak in the sewer pipes. If the leak has gone unnoticed for an extended period of time, the presence of mold may also cause a poor odor. 

If you notice any of these types of odors, please don’t hesitate to contact an emergency plumber in your area. The contaminants in sewer and mold can be a health hazard that will lead to complications in the upper respiratory system, migraines, and cognitive dysfunction. 

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Increase of Pests

A sewage leak attracts pests of all species. Cockroaches, flies, centipedes, and silverfish all love moisture. Sewage odors are heaven for rodents and rats, but the presence of these pests and a sewage leak is a nightmare for homeowners. The amount of pests you notice in your home will vary depending on the severity of the leak. Regardless of its size, though, a professional will need to help with this situation before any more destruction takes place. 

Wet or Damp Floors

Leaks can often cause wet or damp floors. This is very destructive to the structure of the floor. If you notice that water keeps appearing even after mopping, a leak is most likely the cause. Sewer leaks don’t always occur in sewer lines, but if you have sewer smells and wet floors, you almost certainly have a sewage leak. 

Certain wood floors are very sensitive to any kind of moisture. Regardless of what kind of leak it may be, it needs to be investigated as it can lead to very expensive repairs. Plus, an increase in moisture will lead to mold, and we all know how dangerous that can be to the home and to the health of those residing in it.  

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Indentations in the Lawn

Because the sewage system is installed below the ground, it is important to pay attention to the condition of the ground around your property. Sewer contains a great source of fertilizer provided by fecal matter. If a sewage leak is present, you will notice patches of green grass that are significantly more luscious than other parts of your lawn. 

A dead giveaway of a sewage leak is if you don’t have a grassy lawn and begin to notice a patch of grass in random places. Even if this is the only sign you notice, be sure to have it thoroughly inspected because greater issues will arise from a possible leak. 

High Water Costs

Sewage leaks require a larger amount of water. A telltale sign of any plumbing leaks is an increased water bill, and it can very well be in your sewer lines. Take a look at your water bill. Is the amount owed more than what you typically pay? If so, you may need to consult a professional plumber who will help investigate the problem. 

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Did You Notice Any of These Signs in Your Home?

Are any of these issues present in your home? They may be symptoms of a sewage leak that will need to be addressed before it gets worse. The professional and experienced plumbers at One Source Home Service are prepared to investigate and repair these leaks. Contact us today at (719) 359-5292

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