6 Signs of a Declining HVAC Motor

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Air conditioning systems are complex units composed of various components and technology that all play a key role in the unit’s function. In this blog, we will highlight the air conditioner’s motor. We will briefly discuss the motor’s role in cooling your home and provide a few tips on how to tell when it is declining. Finally, we will leave you with expert advice from the top AC maintenance techs in Colorado Springs on what you can do to prevent its decline. 

What Does the AC Motor Do?

The AC motor is the driving force behind the unit’s compressor. The compressor is responsible for converting refrigerant fluid into cool air and pushing it through the AC coils where it is met by the blower motor. The motor then distributes the air throughout the house by directing it to flow through the ductwork. When the motor isn’t functioning, the air will not hit the rooms of your house as efficiently. 

How to Tell that My AC Motor is Declining

Most malfunctions of the motor are a result of not keeping up with A/C maintenance services. If you notice any of the following signs in your unit, your AC motor may be declining, and you an ac repair technician will need to resolve the issue. 

It is Making Odd Sounds

When the AC makes unusual sounds, it is likely that there is a problem with the AC motor. You will hear grinding or high-pitched squeals when the motor’s bearings are worn out, indicating a replacement is needed. While this issue isn’t necessarily a crisis, it should be addressed promptly. 

Its Performance Isn’t What it Used to Be

If you notice that your energy bills are climbing, there is a chance that the AC isn’t as efficient as it once was. When motors begin to decline, they can’t distribute the air properly, causing the compressor to work harder than necessary to produce the same temperatures. As a result, you will end up paying more for energy bills. A thorough A/C maintenance service can help you keep your energy bills to a minimum. 

It is Overheating

If you feel that the unit is hotter than it needs to be, there may be a problem with the motor that is causing the AC to overheat. If you hear a humming sound and notice your AC unit short cycling, you may want to contact a repair technician to resolve the  problem. 

Burning Smells 

Another potential problem to be aware of with AC motors is a fire occurring at the blower wheel. Sometimes the parts wear out to the point that they cause the metal to ignite a fire. This is indicated by a burning smell coming from the vents; which is an emergency situation. At that point, the entire AC unit must be shut off immediately, and it is important to contact a professional to have the issue resolved as soon as possible

How Can I Prevent the AC Motor from Declining?

 A declining AC motor is not a pleasant occurrence in the home and it is best to avoid it as much as possible. Below, we provide tips on how to ensure that your AC’s motor works well for years to come. 

Start With Proper Installation

The key to AC maintenance in Colorado Springs is to have it installed correctly in the first place. When it is not installed correctly, one or more parts, including the motor, will malfunction. This will lead to excess repairs and even an early replacement. 

Have Repairs Done as Needed

When repairs arise, it is essential that they get repaired as soon as possible. Any neglected repair can wear down the motor, the compressor, and the entire unit. Worn-out blower bearings, for example, are fairly simple and inexpensive to replace. However, when they are not replaced on a timely basis, you could end up replacing the motor and the bearings, which is far more expensive and time-consuming. 

Contact Us for Proficient AC Maintenance in Colorado Springs

Lastly, it is important to maintain your unit regularly  to avoid issues like a declining motor. To live as comfortably as possible , you must ensure that your AC and all of its components last you for many years. Call us today to schedule your maintenance visit at (719) 941-7740.

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