Understanding the Causes of AC Wear and Tear: Why Your AC is Wearing Out

Air conditioning is a must-have appliance in hot and humid weather because it provides a comfortable and cool environment in your home. As with any mechanical device, ACs wear out over time and though it is a normal cycle of life, there are still things you can do to prevent an early replacement. As the top AC repair techs in Colorado Springs, we believe that understanding what wears out your air conditioning unit can help you identify issues early and prevent costly repairs. Read on to learn how you can prevent the early wear out of your AC. 


Just like any other appliance, air conditioners have a lifespan. Most units are designed to last about 15 to 20 years, depending on the manufacturer and maintenance practices. As the AC ages, its efficiency and performance will decrease and some of the essential components of the unit will wear out.  Older ACs require more maintenance and repairs, and eventually, they will need to be replaced. If you think your AC is coming up on the end of its lifespan, contact a local AC service in Colorado Springs for a consultation and an estimate for a possible replacement. 

Lack of Maintenance

Regular maintenance is key for getting the most out of your AC. When you neglect maintenance tasks, such as cleaning the air filter or coils, the accumulated dust and debris will cause a reduction in the efficiency of the system. This can lead to the AC working harder than necessary and cause the compressor to wear out faster. Over time, this can lead to a breakdown of the system.


The air conditioning unit needs a periodic break from time to time. When you run your AC continuously or for extended periods of time, it will wear out faster. Overuse can put a lot of strain on the system, causing the components to wear out more quickly. To prevent overuse, you can set the temperature at a comfortable level and turn off the AC when you are not in the room.

Dirty Environment

The environment in which your AC operates can also affect how long it will serve your household. Dust, dirt, and debris can clog the AC system and reduce its efficiency. As time passes, this can cause the AC to work harder and cause its many components to wear out prematurely. To prevent this from happening, it is essential that you clean the area around the AC regularly. Air conditioner repair techs in Colorado Springs also perform some essential cleaning of the internal AC parts during maintenance visits. Make sure you keep up with those visits as they are essential to a clean and efficient unit. 

Electrical Problems

Electrical issues are bound to happen in an electrical appliance, which can damage the components of your AC and cause it to wear out faster. Power surges, voltage spikes, or faulty wiring can all lead to electrical problems within the unit. However, with regular maintenance from a qualified technician, these issues can be caught and repaired before they grow into bigger and more expensive problems. 

Refrigerant Leaks

Low refrigerant levels can also cause their own set of issues that make the AC work harder to cool the air. This puts additional strain on the system and causes it to wear out more quickly. Low refrigerant levels are normally the cause of a leak, which is signified by a decrease in the unit’s cooling performance or a hissing sound coming from your AC. If you find this to be the case with your unit, have a technician identify and fix the leak before it causes any damage to the system.

Improper Installation

An improperly installed AC can cause wear and tear on the components. If the AC is not installed correctly, the improperly placed parts will strain the compressor and lead to an inefficient performance. This will cause the AC to wear out faster, necessitating repairs and even a replacement. For this reason, we discourage everyone from attempting an AC installation on their own. 

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