Reasons for A Loud Furnace in Monument, CO

As the colder season approaches, it is essential to prepare our homes to be as cozy and warm as possible during the frigid temperatures in Monument, CO. The furnace in your home will be the key player in providing that needed warmth throughout the winter months. As you begin to power it up, you may notice some issues that will require furnace repair in Monument, CO

In today’s article, the technicians from One Source Home Service will cover the various sounds that come from a furnace and break down the meaning of each type of noise. While some sounds are normal, others will require a technician’s assistance in repairing the underlying cause. Read on to learn if the sounds coming from your furnace require repair. 

Scraping or Screeching

As your furnace runs, you may hear the sound of metal scraping or screeching against a surface. This sound is typically caused by the blower wheel that has become loose and is hitting the surrounding metal. Without repair, this part will break, and the metal will travel into other parts of the furnace, causing damage to the boards and wires. 

If you hear this sound, it is best to turn off the heater and call a furnace repair service in Monument, CO. This will help prevent further damage and preserve the lifespan of your furnace unit. 

Taking care of your heating unit is extremely important due to the high heating installation costs. Read our blog to learn about the breakdown of the installation costs. 


This sound signifies a possible problem with blower bearings, most commonly observed in older furnaces. If this problem is fixed early enough, you may just be able to get away with replacing the blower bearings. However, a prolonged period without repair will cause an inevitable breakdown of the furnace and a subsequent replacement. 


Sometimes things like paper or other forms of debris get stuck in the furnace. This will cause it to flap as it comes in contact with the blowing air. This will require the assistance of a furnace repair tech in Monument, CO because they will need to go inside the unit to retrieve the debris. 

A regular maintenance inspection includes cleaning out the furnace components of any debris to ensure that you don’t run into these issues. Check out our blog for some more tips on how to prepare your furnace for the winter

Buzzing, Humming, or Rattling 

If you hear rattling, humming, or buzzing of any kind, these sounds can be caused by a loose mounting screw of the furnace door. A quick inspection of the area where the sound is coming from may reveal the problem. If screwing down the mount or door doesn’t work, contact your local furnace repair tech in Monument, CO to schedule a repair service. 

Pops or Bangs

When you turn on the furnace, you may hear a pop or bang as it begins to work. This is most commonly caused by a clogged igniter or burner. As the furnace ages, it develops a gas buildup in the igniter. If this buildup isn’t cleaned out, it will create a clog that will cause the popping sound as the furnace works to ignite its flame. 

These sounds may seem insignificant, but the clog caused by gas buildup can create very costly problems with the heat exchanger. Therefore, make sure to call your furnace repair tech for assistance in repairing the issue. 

Squeaks or Whines

There are times when a furnace’s belts, bearings, or motor wear out. When that happens, these parts begin to squeak or whine during the furnace’s operation. This occurrence is very common in furnaces that have been in service for a few years. The good news is that repairing these issues is fairly simple, but if ignored, it will lead to greater problems with the furnace.

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