4 Signs of Sewer Leaks

Plumbing is a great thing, but every now and then, it needs a little bit of love and repair to continue its essential work in the residential homes around Colorado Springs. While some repairs are fairly simple enough to do on your own, others will require the help of a 24 hr plumber in your area

As longtime experts in all things plumbing in Colorado Springs, the One Source Home Service team enjoys sharing its knowledge on plumbing topics. This article will discuss the complications of sewer leaks and how you can spot one on your property. Do you think you may have a sewer leak? Read on to learn about its top four signs. 

What Are Sewer Leaks?

The sewer system is one of the most critical components of the plumbing in your home. It is a set of pipes that are connected throughout the home that move waste out of your home and into the city’s sewer channels. 

Every now and then, a sewer pipe gets damaged or clogged and develops a leak as a result. These leaks aren’t always apparent right away, but if you pay close attention to your property, you will be able to discover one if it’s present within minutes. 

Sewer leaks are one of the top emergency repairs in Colorado Springs. Check out our blog to learn what else counts as emergency plumbing

1. High Water Bills

One of the big giveaways that something is wrong with your plumbing system is increased water bills. If you have an undetected sewer leak, it can easily double your water usage and bills. Sewer leaks require water to continue their damage. Usually, by the time they are discovered, you will have already paid an unusually high amount on your water bill. 

If your water usage hasn’t increased, but your bills did, we encourage you to investigate the reason for it. One of the best ways to do that is to look for a “24-hr plumber near me” on Google. Plumbers will help you narrow down that problem in mere minutes. 

2. Awful Odor

Now there is another big giveaway of a sewer leak, which is the awful smell that comes with it. The odor that comes from sewer leaks doesn’t need much description as its stench is unmistakable and not easily forgettable. This stench will mostly come from bathrooms or where the sewer leak is located. Though most people won’t ignore this smell, it is imperative that its cause is identified quickly with the help of a 24-hr plumber in Colorado Springs. 

3. Lush Patches of Grass 

“The grass is so much greener than usual, why would I need to call a 24-hr plumber near me?”. This question is quite common among homeowners who enjoy a beautiful lawn. However, if there are spots where it is significantly more luscious than others, you may have a problem with the sewer. 

Sewer leaks emit a lot of waste, providing extra grass fertilization. It will grow healthier in the area of the leak.  For this reason, we urge you to check your plumbing system for a potential leak and even call that plumber’s assistance if you’re unsure of what to look for on your property. 

4. Pests

Now we know what you may be thinking, “Why are pests a reason to call a 24-hr plumber near me?”. Well, pests love increased moisture; some of them, like rodents and rats, are naturally attracted to sewer smells. The longer your sewer leak goes without repair, the more pests will increase on the property. They can be a nuisance on their own, creating an unsanitary home environment.

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24hr Plumber Near Me

Aside from these four signs, sewer leaks can cause issues like water damage, backflow and gurgling in the toilets, and mold. Do you think you may have a sewer leak? Don’t hesitate One Source to address this problem. Our technicians are available 24/7 to help with your plumbing needs. Call us and get service today at (719) 624-0494.

How to Apply Plumber’s Putty to Sink a Drain

There are certain issues that arise in our homes that not everyone knows how to fix, and that’s alright. At One Source Home Service in Colorado Springs, CO we enjoy educating the public on the various repairs that need to be done from time to time. In this article, we will outline the process of how to apply plumber’s putty to a sink drain. Side note: it’s not as hard as you think. 

When is a Plumber’s Putty Needed?

Plumber’s putty is most often used to fix minor leaks in the bathroom and kitchen drains, as well other plumbing pipes. Normally though, this is a temporary fix that avoids replacement for a while. With time the fixture or piping will need to be replaced. Below, we will summarize the process of applying putty along with the tools that are generally required for this work. Just remember, you don’t have to do this alone; call a partner to assist you or hire a plumber in Colorado Springs! 

Tools Needed

  • Pipe Wrench 
  • Bucket
  • Putty Knife
  • Cloth 
  • Rag

1. Turn Off the Water

First thing’s first, turn off the water. This can be done by turning off the valves below the sink or by turning off the main water supply to the entire house. Doing so will help prevent any accidental water sprays which can lead to a mess and even some damage. 

Is this an emergency plumbing project? Check out our blog post to learn what plumbing repairs require emergency repair. 

2. Disassemble to Drain Pipe

Position a bucket beneath the P-pipe and begin to disassemble the drain pipe. Loose the nuts that connect the pipes to the drain with your pipe wrench. Do the same thing with the strainer pipe as the base of the sink. Make sure to let out debris or extra water into your bucket. 

Most drain pipes are pretty simple to disassemble, requiring the loosening of a few nuts. If you think your drain is more complicated than that, the safest route to take is to call a plumber in Colorado Springs. A professional will get the job done right!

3. Remove Base of Pipe from the Sink

Once everything is loosened, you’ll be able to remove the base of the pipe from the sink. Make sure to remove extra debris and wipe everything dry. In order for the putty to stick to the pipe, the area where you will be placing it must be dry. 

If you’re working on a commercial drain pipe, you may want to consider hiring a commercial plumber in Colorado Springs to help fix the issue for you. 

4. Warm a Piece of Putty Between Hands

Remove a section of putty from its container and rub it between your hands to warm it for molding. You will find that it feels similar to playing with dough. The more you run it between your hands, the more it will become malleable. 

5. Form Putty into 1/8”-1/4” Thick Rope

Once the putty is pliable and easy to work with, form the putty into a rope with a thickness of 1/8 to 1/4 inches, depending on the size of the leak. The length will also depend on the circumference of the pipe. Make sure it is able to wrap around the pipe comfortably. 

If your leak is larger than what the putty can fix, or if you’re reapplying it again, it may be time for a visit from a plumber in Colorado Springs. 

6. Place Putty Into Designated Location

After you have your rope formed, place it in the designated location. Typically, putty is applied at pipe junctions where leaks seep through. This helps seal in the crack and stop the damage of water leaks. 

7. Put Pipe Back Into Its Place

With the putty placed securely in its location, place the pipe back into its location. You will have the sealing action happening right away as the pipe reconnects with the basin or other pipe. Make sure to press around the flange or sink strainer to ensure 

8. Spread & Dry the Surface

Once the pipe is placed back in its location, spread the putty at the seam to ensure an even, tight seal. Dry the surrounding surface with a towel or rag and you’re ready to use the sink again. 

A Note On Plumbers’ Putty Dry Time

Putty is a very interesting material. It is highly effective for sealing leaks but what’s very odd about it is that it doesn’t dry. It will not turn into a dry material like cement and will remain soft to the touch. If this is your first time applying putty, do not be alarmed by the lack of dryness. To learn more about the wonders of putty, check out a recent blog we wrote breaking down the various ways of using putty for repairs

Call A Plumber in Colorado Springs! 

That was quite the process, wasn’t it? Although it is easy to apply plumber’s putty by yourself, the process will go even smoother when you call a professional plumber such as the ones at One Source Home Service. We are available 24/7 for your plumbing needs. Give us a call at (719) 751-5366.

Reasons for A Loud Furnace in Monument, CO

As the colder season approaches, it is essential to prepare our homes to be as cozy and warm as possible during the frigid temperatures in Monument, CO. The furnace in your home will be the key player in providing that needed warmth throughout the winter months. As you begin to power it up, you may notice some issues that will require furnace repair in Monument, CO

In today’s article, the technicians from One Source Home Service will cover the various sounds that come from a furnace and break down the meaning of each type of noise. While some sounds are normal, others will require a technician’s assistance in repairing the underlying cause. Read on to learn if the sounds coming from your furnace require repair. 

Scraping or Screeching

As your furnace runs, you may hear the sound of metal scraping or screeching against a surface. This sound is typically caused by the blower wheel that has become loose and is hitting the surrounding metal. Without repair, this part will break, and the metal will travel into other parts of the furnace, causing damage to the boards and wires. 

If you hear this sound, it is best to turn off the heater and call a furnace repair service in Monument, CO. This will help prevent further damage and preserve the lifespan of your furnace unit. 

Taking care of your heating unit is extremely important due to the high heating installation costs. Read our blog to learn about the breakdown of the installation costs. 


This sound signifies a possible problem with blower bearings, most commonly observed in older furnaces. If this problem is fixed early enough, you may just be able to get away with replacing the blower bearings. However, a prolonged period without repair will cause an inevitable breakdown of the furnace and a subsequent replacement. 


Sometimes things like paper or other forms of debris get stuck in the furnace. This will cause it to flap as it comes in contact with the blowing air. This will require the assistance of a furnace repair tech in Monument, CO because they will need to go inside the unit to retrieve the debris. 

A regular maintenance inspection includes cleaning out the furnace components of any debris to ensure that you don’t run into these issues. Check out our blog for some more tips on how to prepare your furnace for the winter

Buzzing, Humming, or Rattling 

If you hear rattling, humming, or buzzing of any kind, these sounds can be caused by a loose mounting screw of the furnace door. A quick inspection of the area where the sound is coming from may reveal the problem. If screwing down the mount or door doesn’t work, contact your local furnace repair tech in Monument, CO to schedule a repair service. 

Pops or Bangs

When you turn on the furnace, you may hear a pop or bang as it begins to work. This is most commonly caused by a clogged igniter or burner. As the furnace ages, it develops a gas buildup in the igniter. If this buildup isn’t cleaned out, it will create a clog that will cause the popping sound as the furnace works to ignite its flame. 

These sounds may seem insignificant, but the clog caused by gas buildup can create very costly problems with the heat exchanger. Therefore, make sure to call your furnace repair tech for assistance in repairing the issue. 

Squeaks or Whines

There are times when a furnace’s belts, bearings, or motor wear out. When that happens, these parts begin to squeak or whine during the furnace’s operation. This occurrence is very common in furnaces that have been in service for a few years. The good news is that repairing these issues is fairly simple, but if ignored, it will lead to greater problems with the furnace.

Do you have a boiler or a furnace in your home? Read our article to learn the difference.  

Contact Us for Furnace Repair in Monument, CO

Are you hearing odd sounds coming out of your furnace? Contact us today to have a proper inspection and repair of the problem. Our seasoned and expert staff are available 24/7 to assist your needs. Call One Source Home Service today at (719) 581-8604


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