Common Types of Plumbing Leaks

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Plumbing is great to have in the home until it begins to act up. The greatest nuisance, most homeowners fear is a plumbing leak. They are messy, stressful to deal with, and often require costly repairs. Regardless of how you feel about these leaks, you should be prepared for them, so that when they occur, you will know how to fix them. As the leading plumbers in Monument, Colorado, we at One Source Home Service know all there is to know about plumbing leaks. Below, we share the common types of leaks to expect around your property at one point or another.

Leaks to Expect Around Your Property

Pipe Leaks

The most common types of leaks are probably pipe leaks. These are the types that happen underneath the sink in the kitchen or the bathroom. They are particularly annoying and require immediate attention because the sink is inoperable until the leak is repaired. 

Pipe leaks occur due to corrosion in the pipes or broken seals. Sometimes applying a bit of plumber’s putty will help get the leak resolved, which is fairly easy to do yourself. But, if that doesn’t work, you will need to contact one of the plumbers in Monument, Colorado to help you out. 

Slab Leaks

Though all leaks can be a mini nightmare, none of them are quiet as stressful as a slab leak. These types of leaks develop beneath the concrete foundation of the home. The water lines are located so close beneath the slab that if they leak, the water will seep through the slab, which is how this occurrence received its name. 

Slab leaks are very concerning as they can cause great damage to the foundation, the walls, and floors. The ongoing leak will result in higher water bills and can lead to mold if it isn’t caught early enough. Unfortunately, this repair isn’t a simple DIY project. You will need an expert, local plumbers in Monument, Colorado will be able to assist you in resolving this issue. 

Toilet Leaks

Toilet leaks are messy and even hazardous, potentially causing a fall in the bathroom which leads to injuries. Such leaks are often the result of a deteriorated flush valve which can be found at the bottom of the tank. This valve must seal properly and if it doesn’t water will into the toilet bowl and spill out. 

Obviously, when you see this happening, do not use the toilet until a plumber in Monument had the chance to fix it. Otherwise, things will get messy real quick and you will be dealing with a flooded bathroom. 

Water Fixture Leaks

A leaky faucet can be a very wasterful and expensive problem in the home. It wastes a lot of water if the leak goes without being addressed properly. That waste costs a lot on water bills and is harmful to our environment.

Faucet leaks are caused by one of the following problems: 

  • Damaged cartridge
  • Broken washer
  • Water pressure
  • Malfunctioning O-ring
  • Deteriorated valve seat

Now, we understand that you’re not a plumber in Monument, Colorado and trying to figure out the cause of your leak isn’t your forte. However, One Source Home Service has a whole team dedicated to troubleshooting such issues. Check out our blog to understand if your water leak truly requires repair. 

Sewer Leaks

The least pleasant leak of them of all is a sewer leak. These types of leaks are a slippery slope to a whole host of other issues. You will see an increased water bill and your home and property will have that unmistakable sewer smell. If the leak isn’t tended to in a timely manner, you’ll find new creatures on your property in the form of pests and rodents of all kind who will settle there like faithful tenants. 

Unless you’re an expert in plumbing repair, sewer leaks aren’t something we recommend fixing on your own. Schedule a repair service as soon as you can to avoid all the issues that come with sewer leaks. 

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When and How to Clean Your Drains

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Periodically, there comes a time when homeowners face the problem of clogged plumbing fixtures and pipes that require a bit of time to clear out. If you’re a new homeowner or even renter, you may be faced with such a dilemma at this time. In today’s blog, we will discuss when drain cleaning is needed and how to go about doing this task. Read on to find an answer to your clogged drain issues. 

Signs for Drain Cleaning

So when should you be cleaning your drains? Below we outlined some of the common signs of drain cleaning  and provided some tips on what to do about them. Most of these issues can be fixed with a little bit of elbow grease. If you are still unsure of what to do or are not feeling confident in your abilities, remember that high quality drain cleaning services are available through One Source Home Service at any time.

Backed-Up in Plumbing Fixtures

When the kitchen sink has a backflow of water coming through when the dishwasher is running, this can be a very messy issue. It will dirty your sink and sometimes overflow on the counter. A few quick pulses of the disposal usually does the trick in clearing this back up. 

Sometimes you might witness a back up in the bathtub or toilet, and that can signify a sewage back up. This issue will need to be resolved by a plumber who will provide the emergency draining cleaning to rectify the situation. 

A lot of sewage issues count as emergency plumbing situations. Check out our blog to learn more about the common signs for emergency plumbing repairs. 

Sink Drains Slowly

There’s nothing like having to race to brush your teeth and wash your face against a sink that isn’t draining fast enough. That is annoying and quite frustrating when all you want to do is get on with your day. 

Luckily, there are ways to fix this situation by using a drain cleaning solution or by using the following DIY method: 

  1. Boil some water and pour it down the drain
  2. Scoop in half a cup of baking soda into the drain followed by a cup of vinegar
  3. Allow the mixture to fizz for a few minutes 
  4. Pour another pot of boiling water down the drain once more

This process will help loosen up any film or hair stuck in the drain, allowing water to drain freely once more. If these steps don’t help, make sure to contact a draining cleaning service as soon as you can to avoid damage to your plumbing system.

Sewer Odors

Most of us prefer to avoid the unpleasant sewer odors and that’s understandable. These smells are common when sinks haven’t been used in a while. Try running a bit of water to lubricate the pipes and wash out the smell. If it doesn’t go away, there may be a deeper problem with your plumbing system which will need to be investigated by a local plumber. Don’t prolong hold off the repair and contact a plumber before incurring substantial damages to your home. 

Pests in Pipes

Clogged drains sometimes attract pests, especially if the clog leads to a burst pipe in the sewer lines. We encourage you to contact an emergency drain cleaning service to have them investigate the cause of these pests, particularly if they are rodents because they multiply very quickly. Plus, further damage will occur if this issue isn’t resolved promptly. 

Pests are often a sign of sewer leaks. Read our blog to learn what else to look out for when investigating a possible sewer leak in your home. 

Contact Us for Emergency Drain Cleaning Services

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All You Need to Know About Frozen Pipes in Colorado Springs

The recent snowstorm that swept through most of the United States, has made its mark on many residents that live in the northern and mid western regions of the country. It hasn’t failed to make itself known in Colorado Springs as well. After all, it has been bone chilling cold in the last week, hasn’t it? 

This blizzard has been so impactful that it brought along much damage to many homes that were in its path. In this article, the plumbing repair techs from One Source Home Service will discuss the damaging effects such blizzards can have on the plumbing system of a home. More specifically, we will provide all you need to know about frozen pipes, and what to do when they occur.

How Do Pipes Freeze?

The pipes in your home can freeze when there are quick drops in the temperatures. This recent blizzard brought with itself very freezing temperatures that changed the atmosphere and Colorado springs very quickly. If your home is poorly insulated, or your thermostats are too low or turned off completely, it is likely that your pipes will freeze as a result of this cold blizzard. 

Most plumbers in Colorado Springs will recommend that you take proper precautions in order to prevent such events happening in your home. Read on to learn how you can prevent frozen pipes in your plumbing system.

How to Prevent Frozen Pipes?

So what can you do to prevent frozen pipes?  Recently we wrote a blog about how to winterize your plumbing and prepare your pipes for freezing temperatures. Winterization is a process that helps you protect your pipes from potential damage of the cold. 

As you prepare for winter months, and the many storms that are awaiting us in Colorado Springs, we recommend having a plumbing repair tech assess the readiness of your plumbing system. Consider having the following elements of your home checked: 

  • Quality and condition of plumbing insulation – this helps keep the pipes warm and away from direct exposure to the freezing temperatures. 
  • Potential clogs in the pipes – when pipes are frozen, any remaining clogs will add to the pressure of the ice inside the pipe. 
  • Proper thermostat settings – even if you’re leaving your home for the winter, your thermostat must be set a low enough temperature to keep the pipes warm and protected from the cold. 

Though these steps may seem cumbersome, dealing with a frozen pipe can be an even greater inconvenience. Call a plumber in Colorado Springs today to have your plumbing winterized. 

How to Tell if a Pipe is Frozen?

If you aren’t a certified plumber, like the ones at One Source Home Service, it may be difficult to tell if a pipe is frozen. Below are a few of the telltale signs that point to frozen pipes within your home.

  • Bulging or cracked pipes that have ice coming out of them
  • An accumulation of frost or ice around a pipe
  • Poor smells coming from the drain or a faucet
  • Poor water flow, or lack thereof
  • Strange, sounds like, whistling, banging, or bubbling when you flush the toilet

These are all signs that your pipes are frozen. We want to caution you against one more sign that requires immediate assistance. If you see any water or puddles on the ceilings or walls, you must call an emergency plumber immediately. This will cause extensive damage to the structure of your home and may even cause mold. 

What to do About a Frozen Pipe?

Frozen pipes can put you in quite the pickle. However, we do have some tips for you to follow in order to resolve the situation. Try one of these steps to see if you can thaw out your pipes on your own: 

  • If the frozen pipe is visible and easy to reach, use your hair dryer or space heater to thaw out the ice. One thing that you shouldn’t do is use a flammable device that has an open flame against this pipe. Doing so can cause a fire.
  • If you know that there is a frozen pipe that you can’t reach, make sure to turn off the main water supply. This will prevent any more pressure on that pipe and prevent it from bursting.
  • After successfully thawing out that clogged, frozen pipe, check it for any water, leaks or damage.

Award Winning Plumbing Repair Services in Colorado Springs

Finally, the easiest suggestion we can give you is to contact your local plumbing repair service to assist you with your frozen pipes. One Source Home Service is available 24/7 to provide you with the best plumbing repairs in the city. We are just one phone call away from restoring your plumbing back to its original, full-functioning state. Call us today at 719-359-5292.

Fun Plumbing Facts

Not every person will find plumbing to be a fun topic of discussion, but because it has changed how the world operates, its existence can be truly fascinating. The plumbers at One Source Home Service are highly experienced and passionate about what they do to serve the residents in Colorado Springs. In this article, they share their knowledge of some of the most fun facts about plumbing. 

1. Plumbing Was First Invented in Ancient Greece

Though plumbing seems like a relatively modern convenience, it actually dates back to ancient Greece! Thanks to the ancient Greek plumbers who invented the first system of pipes, sewage disposal, and drainage, we live comfortably in our homes today. 

Speaking of drainage, have you had your drains cleaned recently? If not, search for a “24-hr plumber near me” on Google, or learn about the drain cleaning services provided by One Source Home Service. 

2. Your Toilet Seat is Cleaner Than Your Dishcloth

We’ve all thought about this question. After all, the toilet does get a lot of human waste flowing through it. But is it really all that dirty? Apparently, your toilet seat is much cleaner than the sponges or dishcloths used for washing dishes. Toilets harbor about 50 bacteria per square inch, whereas dishcloths contain 456 times more bacteria than toilets. 

What’s the takeaway here? Though toilets must be cleaned regularly, don’t overestimate the germ factor! And maybe, replace that dishcloth or sponge in the kitchen. 

3. The Average American Spends 240 Days On the Toilet

While we’re on the topic of toilets, did you know that the average American spends 240 days sitting on them? This number is higher for men and lower for women. 

Since toilets get so much wear and tear, they develop issues requiring little love and a little plumbing repair. Check out the plumbing services on our page to know when to call a 24-hr plumber near you. 

4. The First City In America to Use Plumbing is…..

Philadelphia! Not only does Philadelphia hold a lot of history about the foundation of our wonderful nation, but it is also the historical landmark for the modern-day plumbing that we experience in our homes. Since 1804, the American plumbing system has been advanced and engineered to provide a seamless, safe, and comfortable living atmosphere. 

These advancements have since made it to Colorado Springs, where the 24-hr plumbing technicians from One Source continue to bring comprehensive plumbing solutions to its many residents. The innovative technology will provide you with the highest quality repairs and installations of the century. 

5. Before Toilet Paper, They Used…

It is safe to assume that we will forever remember 2020 as the year of COVID-19, social distancing, and a toilet paper shortage. Remembering the shortage of paper goods begs the question: “what did they do before toilet paper existed?”. 

Our studies of all things plumbing found all sorts of substitutes for toilet paper throughout history. Some people used moss, seashells, rocks, and animal furs. In the 18th century, corn cobs were a popular tool. All these options seem rather uncomfortable and make us appreciate toilet paper even more. Plus, as plumbers, we can only imagine the disastrous effects corn cobs or seashells would have on the plumbing system if they were ever flushed. No doubt, those pipes would be clogged in no time. 

Speaking of clogs, did you know that they are the number one reason for burst pipes? Learn more about the common plumbing repairs that would require the assistance of 24-hr plumbing technicians near you. 

6. Faucet Leaks Waster More Than 3,000 Gallons of Water Per Year

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, water leaks of any kind inside the home lead to thousands of gallons of water being wasted annually. Faucet leaks are the most common leaks and if your home has this issue, save some water by searching for a “24-hr plumber near me”. 

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4 Signs of Sewer Leaks

Plumbing is a great thing, but every now and then, it needs a little bit of love and repair to continue its essential work in the residential homes around Colorado Springs. While some repairs are fairly simple enough to do on your own, others will require the help of a 24 hr plumber in your area

As longtime experts in all things plumbing in Colorado Springs, the One Source Home Service team enjoys sharing its knowledge on plumbing topics. This article will discuss the complications of sewer leaks and how you can spot one on your property. Do you think you may have a sewer leak? Read on to learn about its top four signs. 

What Are Sewer Leaks?

The sewer system is one of the most critical components of the plumbing in your home. It is a set of pipes that are connected throughout the home that move waste out of your home and into the city’s sewer channels. 

Every now and then, a sewer pipe gets damaged or clogged and develops a leak as a result. These leaks aren’t always apparent right away, but if you pay close attention to your property, you will be able to discover one if it’s present within minutes. 

Sewer leaks are one of the top emergency repairs in Colorado Springs. Check out our blog to learn what else counts as emergency plumbing

1. High Water Bills

One of the big giveaways that something is wrong with your plumbing system is increased water bills. If you have an undetected sewer leak, it can easily double your water usage and bills. Sewer leaks require water to continue their damage. Usually, by the time they are discovered, you will have already paid an unusually high amount on your water bill. 

If your water usage hasn’t increased, but your bills did, we encourage you to investigate the reason for it. One of the best ways to do that is to look for a “24-hr plumber near me” on Google. Plumbers will help you narrow down that problem in mere minutes. 

2. Awful Odor

Now there is another big giveaway of a sewer leak, which is the awful smell that comes with it. The odor that comes from sewer leaks doesn’t need much description as its stench is unmistakable and not easily forgettable. This stench will mostly come from bathrooms or where the sewer leak is located. Though most people won’t ignore this smell, it is imperative that its cause is identified quickly with the help of a 24-hr plumber in Colorado Springs. 

3. Lush Patches of Grass 

“The grass is so much greener than usual, why would I need to call a 24-hr plumber near me?”. This question is quite common among homeowners who enjoy a beautiful lawn. However, if there are spots where it is significantly more luscious than others, you may have a problem with the sewer. 

Sewer leaks emit a lot of waste, providing extra grass fertilization. It will grow healthier in the area of the leak.  For this reason, we urge you to check your plumbing system for a potential leak and even call that plumber’s assistance if you’re unsure of what to look for on your property. 

4. Pests

Now we know what you may be thinking, “Why are pests a reason to call a 24-hr plumber near me?”. Well, pests love increased moisture; some of them, like rodents and rats, are naturally attracted to sewer smells. The longer your sewer leak goes without repair, the more pests will increase on the property. They can be a nuisance on their own, creating an unsanitary home environment.

Is your plumbing system ready for the cold, blustery winter of Colorado Springs? Read our guide on when to winterize your plumbing

24hr Plumber Near Me

Aside from these four signs, sewer leaks can cause issues like water damage, backflow and gurgling in the toilets, and mold. Do you think you may have a sewer leak? Don’t hesitate One Source to address this problem. Our technicians are available 24/7 to help with your plumbing needs. Call us and get service today at (719) 624-0494.

How to Apply Plumber’s Putty to Sink a Drain

There are certain issues that arise in our homes that not everyone knows how to fix, and that’s alright. At One Source Home Service in Colorado Springs, CO we enjoy educating the public on the various repairs that need to be done from time to time. In this article, we will outline the process of how to apply plumber’s putty to a sink drain. Side note: it’s not as hard as you think. 

When is a Plumber’s Putty Needed?

Plumber’s putty is most often used to fix minor leaks in the bathroom and kitchen drains, as well other plumbing pipes. Normally though, this is a temporary fix that avoids replacement for a while. With time the fixture or piping will need to be replaced. Below, we will summarize the process of applying putty along with the tools that are generally required for this work. Just remember, you don’t have to do this alone; call a partner to assist you or hire a plumber in Colorado Springs! 

Tools Needed

  • Pipe Wrench 
  • Bucket
  • Putty Knife
  • Cloth 
  • Rag

1. Turn Off the Water

First thing’s first, turn off the water. This can be done by turning off the valves below the sink or by turning off the main water supply to the entire house. Doing so will help prevent any accidental water sprays which can lead to a mess and even some damage. 

Is this an emergency plumbing project? Check out our blog post to learn what plumbing repairs require emergency repair. 

2. Disassemble to Drain Pipe

Position a bucket beneath the P-pipe and begin to disassemble the drain pipe. Loose the nuts that connect the pipes to the drain with your pipe wrench. Do the same thing with the strainer pipe as the base of the sink. Make sure to let out debris or extra water into your bucket. 

Most drain pipes are pretty simple to disassemble, requiring the loosening of a few nuts. If you think your drain is more complicated than that, the safest route to take is to call a plumber in Colorado Springs. A professional will get the job done right!

3. Remove Base of Pipe from the Sink

Once everything is loosened, you’ll be able to remove the base of the pipe from the sink. Make sure to remove extra debris and wipe everything dry. In order for the putty to stick to the pipe, the area where you will be placing it must be dry. 

If you’re working on a commercial drain pipe, you may want to consider hiring a commercial plumber in Colorado Springs to help fix the issue for you. 

4. Warm a Piece of Putty Between Hands

Remove a section of putty from its container and rub it between your hands to warm it for molding. You will find that it feels similar to playing with dough. The more you run it between your hands, the more it will become malleable. 

5. Form Putty into 1/8”-1/4” Thick Rope

Once the putty is pliable and easy to work with, form the putty into a rope with a thickness of 1/8 to 1/4 inches, depending on the size of the leak. The length will also depend on the circumference of the pipe. Make sure it is able to wrap around the pipe comfortably. 

If your leak is larger than what the putty can fix, or if you’re reapplying it again, it may be time for a visit from a plumber in Colorado Springs. 

6. Place Putty Into Designated Location

After you have your rope formed, place it in the designated location. Typically, putty is applied at pipe junctions where leaks seep through. This helps seal in the crack and stop the damage of water leaks. 

7. Put Pipe Back Into Its Place

With the putty placed securely in its location, place the pipe back into its location. You will have the sealing action happening right away as the pipe reconnects with the basin or other pipe. Make sure to press around the flange or sink strainer to ensure 

8. Spread & Dry the Surface

Once the pipe is placed back in its location, spread the putty at the seam to ensure an even, tight seal. Dry the surrounding surface with a towel or rag and you’re ready to use the sink again. 

A Note On Plumbers’ Putty Dry Time

Putty is a very interesting material. It is highly effective for sealing leaks but what’s very odd about it is that it doesn’t dry. It will not turn into a dry material like cement and will remain soft to the touch. If this is your first time applying putty, do not be alarmed by the lack of dryness. To learn more about the wonders of putty, check out a recent blog we wrote breaking down the various ways of using putty for repairs

Call A Plumber in Colorado Springs! 

That was quite the process, wasn’t it? Although it is easy to apply plumber’s putty by yourself, the process will go even smoother when you call a professional plumber such as the ones at One Source Home Service. We are available 24/7 for your plumbing needs. Give us a call at (719) 751-5366.

What Counts as Emergency Plumbing

It is all too common for us to overlook how essential a good plumbing system is until it breaks down. When plumbing problems occur, they normally occur at the most inconvenient times of life. Whether your life is busy with a hectic routine or you are in a rush for an important event, some kind of plumbing issue is bound to occur. 

Though most emergency plumbing situations are difficult to foresee, you can be prepared by knowing what they are and what to do when they happen. In this article, we will go over some of the common emergency plumbing situations that will need a  professional’s help.

Sewer Leaks

Sewer leaks are not just emergencies; they are every homeowner’s worst nightmare. First, they produce an awful order that will contaminate your air and disrupt the comfort of your home. 

Second, sewer leaks attract bugs, flies, and or rodents who enjoy the sewer smells and the extra moisture that the leaks create. If sewer leaks are not fixed immediately, the extra moisture will promote mold growth. 

And finally, sewer leaks require excessive amounts of water to be wasted, and that will lead to higher water bills. Clearly, this situation will require the help of emergency plumbing services.

To learn more about sewer leaks, read our blog about the 5 signs of a needed sewer repair

Water Leaks of Any Kind

If you notice any water leaks around your home, they must be taken care of as soon as possible. Though it may seem that they aren’t hurting you that much, prolonged water leaks will result in several adverse effects. 

First of all, water leaks result in higher water bills which will hurt your household budget in the long run. Water leaks tend to grow in size if they aren’t taken care of immediately. The excess moisture produced by water leaks will result in mold. 

Mold produces a lot of bad consequences, such as structural damage and health complications for those exposed to it. Therefore, water leaks require emergency plumbing repair.

Pipe Clogs 

Another common plumbing emergency is when the pipes clog up with excess debris and dirt. No, if a pipe clog goes unnoticed, it may grow and eventually cause the pipe to burst. This will require expensive repairs and possible replacements of pipes. 

Pipe clogs can also lead to poor drainage and sewer backflow into your toilets, tubs, and sinks. We can assure you that this occurrence will not be met favorably by the inhabitants of your home. It will create a terrible stench, attract pests, and make those areas of your home inoperable until the clog is cleared. For help in this area, you will need to contact the local plumbing emergency technicians, such as the ones at One Source Home Service.

Do you have a clogged drain in your home? Read our blog, where we answer some of the frequently asked questions about drain repair

Water Heater Repair

There is no greater disappointment than when you attempt to take a shower but are met with cold water. When this happens, you most likely are in need of a water heater repair service. Even if taking a shower and cold water isn’t a big deal, hot water is essential in the rest of the home. It helps us observe many of the sanitary requirements and cook our food appropriately. Therefore, a broken water heater is a plumbing emergency. 

We do not recommend trying to fix a water heater by yourself as it can void your warranty and pose a great risk to your health. A broken water heater may cause you to consider whether your home needs a new boiler. Read our blog to understand if it is time to replace your water heater

Contact One Source Home Service for Emergency Plumbing Services!

Whether you are in need of emergency plumbing services or general plumbing upkeep, the plumbers at One Source Home Service are here to see to your every need. We are available around the clock in Colorado Springs to assist you with your plumbing emergencies. Contact us today at 719-359-5292.

5 Signs of a Sewage Leak

Not all plumbing problems are easy to spot in your home. These issues can be hidden well, and without careful attention, they will develop into very large problems. Sewage leaks are among the plumbing issues that can often be hard to spot, and as a result, the needed repairs will be delayed. Below we discuss the five top signs of possible sewage leaks. Read on to see if this is a possible problem in your home. 

Poor Odors

The first giveaway of a sewage leak is a poor odor in and around the home. The sewer smell is unmistakable and is commonly caused by a leak in the sewer pipes. If the leak has gone unnoticed for an extended period of time, the presence of mold may also cause a poor odor. 

If you notice any of these types of odors, please don’t hesitate to contact an emergency plumber in your area. The contaminants in sewer and mold can be a health hazard that will lead to complications in the upper respiratory system, migraines, and cognitive dysfunction. 

Sewage leaks drastically decrease the air quality in your home. Check out this article on how to maintain good air quality in your home

Increase of Pests

A sewage leak attracts pests of all species. Cockroaches, flies, centipedes, and silverfish all love moisture. Sewage odors are heaven for rodents and rats, but the presence of these pests and a sewage leak is a nightmare for homeowners. The amount of pests you notice in your home will vary depending on the severity of the leak. Regardless of its size, though, a professional will need to help with this situation before any more destruction takes place. 

Wet or Damp Floors

Leaks can often cause wet or damp floors. This is very destructive to the structure of the floor. If you notice that water keeps appearing even after mopping, a leak is most likely the cause. Sewer leaks don’t always occur in sewer lines, but if you have sewer smells and wet floors, you almost certainly have a sewage leak. 

Certain wood floors are very sensitive to any kind of moisture. Regardless of what kind of leak it may be, it needs to be investigated as it can lead to very expensive repairs. Plus, an increase in moisture will lead to mold, and we all know how dangerous that can be to the home and to the health of those residing in it.  

Pipe leaks of any kind can be caused by poorly winterized plumbing. Read our tips for how to prepare your plumbing system for this winter season. 

Indentations in the Lawn

Because the sewage system is installed below the ground, it is important to pay attention to the condition of the ground around your property. Sewer contains a great source of fertilizer provided by fecal matter. If a sewage leak is present, you will notice patches of green grass that are significantly more luscious than other parts of your lawn. 

A dead giveaway of a sewage leak is if you don’t have a grassy lawn and begin to notice a patch of grass in random places. Even if this is the only sign you notice, be sure to have it thoroughly inspected because greater issues will arise from a possible leak. 

High Water Costs

Sewage leaks require a larger amount of water. A telltale sign of any plumbing leaks is an increased water bill, and it can very well be in your sewer lines. Take a look at your water bill. Is the amount owed more than what you typically pay? If so, you may need to consult a professional plumber who will help investigate the problem. 

High water bills can be an indication of many common plumbing emergencies. Check out our blog to learn about these plumbing emergencies. 

Did You Notice Any of These Signs in Your Home?

Are any of these issues present in your home? They may be symptoms of a sewage leak that will need to be addressed before it gets worse. The professional and experienced plumbers at One Source Home Service are prepared to investigate and repair these leaks. Contact us today at (719) 359-5292

Signs That It’s Time For A Water Heater Replacement

The condition of your home’s appliances and amenities is a top priority for responsible homeowners. Consistent access to hot water in the home is a necessity. Ensuring that the hot water heater replacements and repairs are done on a timely schedule will help your home be comfortable and safe. As outlined below, one must be knowledgeable and aware of the signs that indicate a water heater replacement is necessary.

The Water Heater Is Old

Water heaters are built to last eight to ten years. As your water heater approaches closer to this timeline, you may notice an increased necessity for water heater repair services. In addition to the increase in repairs, you will notice higher water or energy bills.

Unsure of the age of your water heater? That can be determined by checking the labels on your water heater. However, those labels can be a bit hard to decipher and you will need to read up on how to decode the serial number on your water heater.

Rusty Water And Heater Parts

Rusty water is unsanitary and unsafe. For this reason, it is important to investigate the source of the rust. It is most commonly found in a water heater’s valve, inlet, or pipes. This issue is especially common in heaters that are closer to the 8-10 year lifespan.

Rust is like cancer for steel objects and when it begins to spread, there is nothing left to do but to schedule a water heater replacement. Rust will eventually corrode the structure of the water tank and pipes, leading to water leaks. Water leaks will increase your bills and may lead to consequential damage such as mold.

Very Loud Water Heater

As water heaters age, they tend to get very loud while they operate. Because they operate almost constantly, that loud noise will be present until it is addressed. Here are two common causes of the loud noise in water heaters:

  • Sediment buildup which causes the heater to use more energy and wear out faster
  • The heater hasn’t been flushed in a while, which removes the sediment and helps the water heater work efficiently. 

Both of these causes of loud noise will require water heater repair services. If they aren’t addressed in a timely manner, they will cause irreversible damage which would require a hot water heater replacement.

Excessive Water Leaks

Water leaks coming from your boiler are unfavorable. As we already stated, water leaks can be caused by rust forming in the water heater. They can also be caused by loose or deteriorating parts, which will require the attention of a water heater repair technician. Regardless of the cause, a water leak is to be treated as a plumbing emergency that we previously discussed on our blog.

It Doesn’t Heat Water

There is nothing more annoying and dreadful than the lack of hot water. Hot water is a necessity in the household for a variety of reasons. It is essential for cleaning purposes as it destroys bacteria and helps remove grease. There are also many benefits for using hot water in the shower and using it for general consumption. Most households require hot water, especially those that live in a colder climate. 

If your water heater isn’t producing heat, or consistently needs to be adjusted to do so, it may be time for a water heater replacement. Here are the common causes of your water heater not heating water: 

  • The thermostat needs to be adjusted
  • Heating element is broken
  • Water heater isn’t properly sized for your home. 

Adjusting a thermostat may be easy, depending on the brand and type of your water heater. However, fixing the heating element or choosing a correctly-sized water heater for your home will require expert advice from a water heater repair technician.

Should I Call A Water Heater Replacement Tech Near Me?

This may be a question you’re searching for an answer to at this very moment. If any of these signs align with what you’ve observed in your water heater, do not hesitate to contact One Source today! Our water heater repair techs will respond promptly and help determine the problems within your water heater. Take advantage of our $150 0ff water heater installation offer and call now at (719) 532-9000!

Which Water Heater Is Right For Your Home?

Purchasing a new water heater for your home is a significant decision that will carry implications for decades. The heating, cooling, and air industry currently offers two types of heaters for homeowners to choose from, gas or electric. 

Both types of heaters carry characteristics you must be aware of at the time of purchase. These characteristics will be outlined below in a set of questions to help guide you as you make this critical decision. 

Is My House Powered By A Natural Gas Or An Electric Source?

The first piece of information you need to invest in a boiler right for your home is if your home is powered by gas or electricity. 

Due to differences in energy use, electric and gas-powered homes are wired differently. This is the main factor that will significantly determine your purchase. 

What Capacity Do I Need?

Water heaters provide 40-55 gallons of hot water. The size of your water heater will depend on the size of your home, the number of people living with you, and how much water is used on an average day. Energy Saver provides an excellent resource that will help you calculate the size of your new water heater.  In general, the larger your family, the larger the boiler should be. 

Ideally, your water heater should be able to accommodate multiple needs at once. For example, it should be able to provide enough hot water for a shower, shave, and dishwashing at once. However, bigger water heaters usually result in higher water and energy bills because of their more extensive accommodation. 

Gas water heaters usually are cheaper to use than tankless, electric ones. Despite the higher initial cost, your household expenses will not suffer as much as with electric water heaters. 

What Is The Difference Between On-Demand and Storage Tanks?

An on-demand storage tank is usually an electric device that heats enough hot water required for use. It does not store water and usually takes longer to heat it. This option is excellent for smaller households where water isn’t needed for multiple needs at once. 

Storage tanks are big water reservoirs kept in the corner of a garage, laundry room, or designated area in the house. They can store up to 55 gallons of hot water, accommodating multiple needs at once. For example, the dishwasher and shower can run simultaneously without interfering with each other. This option is generally recommended for larger households with multiple bathrooms with showers and water sources. 

A third alternative is to explore the option of a hybrid water heater. This heater uses a heat pump that absorbs the outside heat and uses it to heat the water. It is an excellent, cost-saving option for those who live in warmer climates. 

How Much Room Do I Have For A Boiler?

Water heaters come in various sizes. Tank water heaters are very large and will require a lot of room for storage. Tankless, electric boilers are smaller and are usually mounted on a wall. They are easier to hide and don’t require much space. 

Those living in a large, suburban-style home or condo with a garage, basement, or a dedicated closet can accommodate a storage-tank water heater. Residents of homes with limited square footage will require smaller tanks to fit into their space. 

Choosing the Right Water Heater

Clearly, the decision to purchase the right water heater for your home involves a lot of factors. However, you don’t have to make this decision on your own. One Source Home Service provides the best boiler repair and tankless water heater installation services in Colorado Springs. We are equipped with decades of experience and training to answer your questions and help meet your needs. Visit our website and contact us today to schedule your consultation on water heater replacement services.  


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