The Importance of Air Quality Testing in Colorado

Poor indoor air quality (IAQ) can affect your comfort, well-being, and health. It can impact homes, offices, hospitals, or any occupied structure or building. There are many types of pollutants that can concentrate in indoor air. We will explore the importance of air quality testing in Colorado and how it can help you take control of the quality of air in your home.

Elements of an Indoor Air Quality Problem

IAQ issues can be grouped into categories. Although these often overlap, knowing the definition and effects of each can help identify specific problems to look for and address. The general categories include:

  • Reduced Comfort: The indoor environment may feel too hot, too cold, stuffy, drafty, or smelly if indoor air quality is poor. It may also be too noisy or create an uncomfortable feeling of closeness.
  • Symptoms: Eye, mouth, and nose irritation, as well as issues such as upper respiratory irritation, headaches, nausea, lethargy, and reduced concentration, are symptoms of Sick Building Syndrome. They’re usually present after entering a building and go away when a person leaves.
  • Illnesses: Prolonged exposure to concentrated indoor pollutants can lead to illnesses such as asthma, legionnaire’s disease, hypersensitivity pneumonitis, and others. Whether some or most occupants may be affected, the long-term consequences can be permanent and, in some cases, fatal.

IAQ Testing Helps Determine What Is Polluting Your Home

There are numerous contributors to poor IAQ and oftentimes a home or structure is affected by more than one of them. Both natural and man-made pollutants can contaminate the air. These include emissions and chemicals released by household appliances. Common pollutants, like nitrogen dioxide, also come from burning fossil fuels. Carbon monoxide is another harmful pollutant found in homes that is deadly in high concentrations.

Other pollutants that air quality testing can help identify include:

  • Mold is found in warm, moist environments can trigger allergies and lead to asthma.
  • Allergens are released by domestic pets as well as dust mites, cockroaches, and mice.
  • Radon, a radioactive gas that can be present in the soil and atmosphere.
  • Asbestos, a fibrous silicate material that can damage the lungs and cause cancer.
  • Secondhand smoke from tobacco products, contains thousands of harmful substances.
  • Smoke from wildfires, which contains gases and particulates that pose various health risks.
  • Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from paints, adhesives, cleaners, and varnishes.
  • Formaldehyde, a colorless, flammable gas with a strong smell and used in home furnishings, building materials, and as a preservative in some cosmetics, dishwashing liquids, and medicines.

In addition, humidity that’s too high or too low, or indoor temperature that’s too high or too low, can be unhealthy and is considered an air quality problem.

Short-term symptoms of indoor pollutants can be bothersome. Many can also have long-term effects such as cancer, respiratory illness, and heart disease. You can therefore see how air quality testing can have an impact on your overall quality of life.

How Can Testing Help Improve Indoor Air Quality

Air quality testing in Colorado can identify specific pathogens and improvements that can be made. For example, if harmful gases and VOCs are present, you can increase ventilation and use air conditioners and fans more effectively. Testing can determine whether you need to change HVAC filters more frequently. Taking steps to adjust humidity levels can also make a big difference. 

At One Source Home Service, we provide air quality testing in Colorado and solutions that can address a wide range of environmental pollutants.

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